The different HAWK-models are exactly the same hand made cable on the inside.
The differences are, different plating on the IEC and power plugs and color of course. The leads of the cable are marine grade 16 AWG multi core OFC where each strand is individualy plated with tin. Due to higher resistance in tin, the electrons are reluctant to change strand, though creating a sort of pseudo litzwire.
The results are less diode effects.
The isolation consists of PE, it has the same dielectric constant as teflon but are much more flexible. The leads are arranged in a HEXA MATRIX CORE geometry, to reduce EMI and RF without the negative effects of screens and shields.
The RED HAWK offers the hawk cable with the famous Oyaide 079 connectors. The results are a romantic rich sound with a hint of warmth that goes along fine with some transistor gear and digital front ends or just as the personal flavor and choice of sound preferences.