The JUPITER II interconnect cable are the sum of all previous Sonus Concordia interconnect cables, new and old, combined into one. It has all the virtues of the old cables and it takes music performance to the next level.
This reference level cable consists of a HEXA CORE HELIX geometry.
The leads are solid core 6×26 AWG Cryo 7N copper that’s isolated with cotton, this time arranged in a three pair double counter helix around a cotton core. The JUPITER II IC are clean and homogeneous over all frequencies. It ads more musical presence and heart to the experience than the previous cables The JUPITER II IC will allow hours of music without fatigue because of the sense of warmth, yet detailed with lots of air around instruments and voices. Bass lines are bold yet controlled and nuanced.
Dynamics are well defined, fast and relaxed at the same time, just like real life instruments.