The EAGLE 10X16 AWG, DECA HELIX CORE is an extraordinary power cable.
The leads of the cable are marine grade 10×16 AWG multi-core OFC where each strand is individually plated with tin. Due to higher resistance in the tin, the electrons are reluctant to change strand, though creating a sort of pseudo Litz wire.
The results are less diode effects.
The isolation consists of PE, it has the same dielectric constant as Teflon but is much more flexible.
The leads are arranged in a DECA HELIX CORE geometry with a pure cotton filler core. to reduce EMI and RF and add speed and detail.
The EAGLE offers a power cable with the extreme Oyaide m1/F1 connectors. The sound is, in other words, amazing, because words can’t really describe this power cable. The only way is to experience it in your system.
If you can’t afford it, never ever listen to it……you are hereby warned!