The CAELUS II interconnect cable are the pinnacle of Sonus Concordias line of interconnect cables.
The original CAELUS was a tremendous cable and its technology/design trickled down to the new series of SATURNUS II and and to some degree JUPITER II. It was not a easy task to develop a even better cable, we think we did.
This ultimate level cable consists of a DECA CORE HELIX geometry.
The leads are a mix of solid core 10×26 AWG Cryo 7N copper and 6N Cryo silver that’s isolated with cotton, this time arranged in a 5 pair double counter helix around a cotton core.
The CAELUS II IC is just pure musical emotion. It deliver the inmost meaning of the performance of the musicians, it allows you to travel in space and time and actually ”be there” at the recording session.
It’s pointless to even try to describe CAELUS II IC in terms of dynamics and treble. It just is music, you got to hear it to believe it.